Alternate Reality


For The Sunday Muse, Prompt #60. In which I wonder what the reality of what a cat feels is.

What if what we are
Are mere playthings, pawns
roughly hewn from stunted dogwood,
clinging to life in a season
of dearth. What if the feeling
of contentment is a mirage,
a vision of delusion far removed
from the way things really are.
What if what we think
is the beauty of a garland
really is a chain binding us
to a different reality, what if.

3 thoughts on “Alternate Reality

  1. Thought provoking A.J. I have often thought about alternate realities and if they are real. I think as poets, we ponder many things crazy and cool. Glad to see you at the Muse this week. πŸ™‚


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