Night Sky


night sky2

For The Sunday Muse prompt, Night Sky

The starlight sprinkled
like tiny slivers of silver
splashed against a dark canvas
peels back the curtain
on a tumultuous past-
birth, death, dust clouds swirling,
mists of primordial molecules
accreting, then Becoming –
a message to the future from the past
echoing down the aeons like a strummed string.
I was here before you were; before
your father was, and his father’s father too
Now you see me as I was. Ponder.

3 thoughts on “Night Sky

  1. “Becoming a message to the future from the past echoing down the aeons”….this whole poem is glorious A. J. I love it! We have missed you. So glad to see you this week!


  2. I like this. Before you were and after…the last word, Ponder. I do indeed ponder thr night , every night. Akthough this is under the aegis of Sunday Muse, it is the Wednesday Muse.


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