31 Days Of Journaling, Day 9: My Day

Day 9: My Day

  • Up at 4.42 AM and unable to go back to sleep. Meetings with senior leadership at work on my mind.
  • Played around with some CSS for some modifications I haveĀ  been mulling over for this blog
  • Finally out of bed at 6.00 AM to start prepping for work.
  • Off to work at 7.00 AM, glad for some respite from what has been terrible weather. Relief ends up short lived because it opens up again half way through.
  • Arrive at work wet and cold at about 7.30 AM.
  • Arrival routine kicks in; cup of coffee, read and respond to emails, catch up quickly with office mates.
  • First hour spent reading up on latest version of slide deck for meeting, then attending final dry run
  • In between, I sort out delivery of equipment required for a mobilisation offshore in two weeks.
  • Spend rest of the morning in chasing final bits of data for meeting.
  • Lunch @ 12 NOON, quick walk to Boots at Union Square for a sandwich, pepsi max, protein pot and two snack bars (meal deal)
  • Back at 12.30 PM for final check of meeting requirements and then into meeting.
  • Meeting from 1 to 3, a bit of a grilling but I feel like we do ok. A number of things to follow up on even though the consensus seems to be that it has been yet more talking shop. Hopefully real behavioural change kicks off after this.
  • After the high of the meeting, rest of the day is an anti-climax of sorts. catch up with R for the first time this week now that I can catch my breath.
  • Eventually it is 4.30 PM and home time. Walk home and arrive at 5.00PM
  • Dinner, more CSS modifications and then soon it is sleep time.