Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows


Somewhat fortuitously – long story for another day –  I have somehow found myself working bang in the city centre for most of the last six years, the chief joys of which include being able to stroll leisurely into work in twenty minutes tops, and this – views of the harbour through the window of the canteen on the third floor.

Between the middle ship and the green ship, if you look hard enough you’ll see the remains of seagull poop. For now at least, these two are constants, ships and seagulls.

For the prompt, Windows.


  1. Anne Mehrling · September 28, 2017

    At least the poop is on the window! We were on a ferry when a passenger was the recipient of a seagull’s air drop. She screamed.


    • TheRustGeek · September 30, 2017

      That’s supposed an indicator of ‘good luck’ in these parts… 😂😂😂


      • Anne Mehrling · September 30, 2017

        I think this happened in Denmark. The pooped woman did NOT consider it good luck at the time. I had a direct hit from a starling near Ely cathedral in 1981. It took forever to get back to our house south of London. I have to admit, it makes a funny story now.

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