#24 – Dancing With (In) The Rain

#24 - woodman francesca

She whirls to the rhythm of the rain.
Her dance, light-footed –
A pirouette  – in step with the beat
The light, gentle splatter of rain –
Drops stopped in full flight
By the chipped stones makes.
As the night light catches
The fringe of her costume
She is no longer there.
What we have is the after glow
Of stolen re-memory –
Of Peace and of repose
And the calming lightness
Of the patter of the Rain.

For Mag 303

6 thoughts on “#24 – Dancing With (In) The Rain

    1. @Noirfifre – She doesn’t disappear in the common sense of the word, but by delivering a performance so in step with the rain and the surroundings we no longer see them as three different things, but as one coherent whole 🙂


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