Recapping that ‘perfect’ year

That perfect year?

  1. In Work: Did finally get offered a staff position somewhere that ticked all the boxes I deeply desired at the beginning of the year (O&G operator, strong technical focus and scope to evolve my role). As a bonus, the official job title is now half a sentence 🙂
  2. In Women: The G ‘problem’ ended being resolved in dissolution. Sucked but we were clearly headed no where. I suspect it was me tearing things up instead of dealing with them, again. 😦
  3. In Faith and Worldview: Not a lot of progress, very easily my worst year faith wise.
  4. In Weight: 1 kg net loss, give or take, I do have the excuse of a broken foot in Q3 to blame here though 🙂
  5. In (Net) Worth:  Stalled again, slight decrease from 2014 actually – not helped by the Naira tanking and wiping out a shed load of my Nigerian savings and investments.:(

F0r 2016? Wash, Rinse, Repeat I guess – but with a lot more fight.

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