2015 in Three (Money) Charts

01 FYSpend 02 FYSpend - Plan v Actual03 Networth


  • 3% reduction in overall networth vs YE 2014; driven mainly by the impact of the crash in the value of the Nigerian Naira on my Nigeria domicilled bits and bobs
  • Full Year (FY) spend was 96% of net earnings (v. 104% for FY 2014); non-charity spend at 71% of net earnings (v.74% for FY 2014). Unsustainable in the long run but headed in the right direction I believe.
  • FY spend ~12% above plan, main driver being expenditures related to my decision to live alone from May (and outfit my house)
  • Main exposure is ~£4k in outstanding loans; not including the £1.5k I wrote off at YE 2014.

Key 2016 Actions

  • Retrieve outstanding loans; minimise exposures going forward by instituting strong controls around loaning friends and family money;
  • Identify options to reclaim stranded EM (Nigeria) pension funds
  • Explore more aggressive investment options (funds, forex trading)
  • Deliver on 2016 stretch targets (equivalent to a 19% reduction in FY spend) focus areas will be purchases and loans.

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