A good month of sorts…


Image Credits – Joey Rozier, Flickr

It has been a fascinating month of sorts on here – and also in real life where the issues which drove my sense of dissonance and the need to begin again have eased off. I would be remiss if I said I was out of the woods completely, but there certainly is a sense of significant progress and building traction in the right direction. The money numbers were pretty much bang on plan – just under £0.01 actual vs planned – which allowed me put away twice what I planned at the beginning of the month. I did spend more than planned on transport and purchases, main driver being the need to head down south for a weekend at short notice and the bits and bobs I purchased to support that. For the interested (waves at SisiOnABudget), here are two charts (by category, plan vs actuals) with a little more detail.

On here, Blogging101 has been a great way for me to get back to basics and ease myself into writing again. Thanks to the various prompts, over the past month I managed to reimagine how I self classify, reflect on the why for this blog, and meet – virtually at least – a bunch of interesting folk as evidenced by my swelling reader inbox. A bonus – largely unexpected – was praise from someone whose work I am a fan of, as well as being compared to another writer whose body of work I was and still am a big fan of.

From the task for Day 15, I have decided to sign up for the Monthly Masterpiece Challenge – by blending art, faith and reflection into a coherent whole, my hope is that I can develop my practice of contemplation more. I am keen to see how that evolves.

Going forward on here, I still like the initial idea I considered at the beginning – a Friday lunch time ramble on something that catches my fancy within the normal everyday context I live my life in. For those who are still on here – whom I haven’t bored to death or scared away – thanks for surviving Phase 1. I can only hope Phase 2 is even more exciting and fulfilling.

One thought on “A good month of sorts…

  1. Hello!

    I’ve been slacking on my blog reading and am only just catching up! Well done! Can I just say how jealous I am of your savings (bar chart). I never ever put away more than I plan 😦 Lol!

    Anyway, have a wonderful day!

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