The Perfect Year – In Five Things


From my notes at the end of March (which kind of triggered this)

  1. In Work: Greater clarity around my role going forward,  and dare I say a staff role somewhere that allows me focus (almost) exclusively on developing my technical Materials and Corrosion skills.
  2. In Women: Resolution of my G ‘problem’ – we’ve stalled, we both know it but we’re letting the weight of third party expectations drive our actions.
  3. In Worldview: God and I need to have a proper conversation and make up. This cognitive dissonance is driving me nuts.
  4. In Weight: 8kg over my YE2014 numbers. MUST do better!
  5. In (Net) Worth:  Stalled, no increases since YE 2013 inspite of net increase in earnings. Must rein in 2015 spend and take it from there. Hopefully SisiOnABudget comes up with the magic bullet for this soon!

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