In Conversation – Of Coffee and Banter


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I must have looked like shit knackered, or something close by all accounts, if the look the lady at the front desk gave me when I dragged myself, knapsack in hand and windbreaker open all the way down at the front, across the stoop to her desk to get signed in for the day was anything to go by. I was here at my old stomping ground from a few years ago to attend a training course – the first two days of which had lurched from plain boring to an absolute waste of the thousand pounds I’d managed to fork out for it. That my on-off insomnia was back in full pelt could not have helped – four ibuprofren plus notwithstanding – I had flitted in and out of sleep till 6.30am, at which time I gave up, brewed a cup of coffee and got my day started.

You didn’t get chucked out of your house did you? she finally asked as she rummaged in her desk for my temporary pass. She did have good reason to ask I guess – seeing that it was only 7.30am and the course was not meant to start for another hour and a half. I must have mumbled something – I was sure what I said was that I had being caught in two minds about stopping over at the office for a few minutes before heading on here – but she somehow inferred that  I’d had to take the earlier bus as the next one would not be for another hour.

In the end what excuse I came up did not matter as she proceeded to pour me a steaming cup of coffee and then dumped me a chair next to her whilst she made a few phone calls to the course coordinator to come get me. It turned out he would not be ready for another half hour, so we did the next best thing we could – which was have a natter over coffee.

It turned out that she had two children in the same ball park age as I was – a son at 34 and a daughter at 29 – whose favourite past time was trying to pull the wool over her eyes, much like I had tried to do, apparently. Clearly this sussing out business was one she had gotten very good at – not that it mattered anyways. Not unlike BritishKitchenWitch, my day had threatened to start off on a bad note; between the banter and fresh coffee, it was well on the way to being saved.

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