The Year In Reading 2014

  1. Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth – Warsan Shire
  2. The Outsider – Albert Camus
  3. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross – James Patterson
  4. The Map of Love – Ahdaf Soueif
  5. Finally Free: Fighting For Purity with the Power of Grace – Heath Lambert
  6. The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How To Change – Charles Duhigg
  7. On Writing – Steven King
  8. Love At First Click – Laurie Davis
  9. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
  10. Everyday is for the thief – Teju Cole
  11. On Beauty – Zadie Smith
  12. Don’t Tell Mum I work on the Oil Rigs – Paul Carter
  13. The Inheritance of Loss – Kiran Desai
  14. Frank Sinatra Has A Cold: And Other Essays – Gay Talese
  15. Another Man’s War – Barnaby Phillips
  16. A Delicate Truth – John le Carré

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