Day 12 – Create Your Bucket List

Day 12 of the Better Man in 30 days challenge – Create Your Bucket List

Currently working through my bucket list – aptly (if I say so myself) tagged 40 things by 40 seeing the 40th birthday is the next major birthday on the horizon – and no I am not 35 yet.. Closed out a few things already some of which include making CEng, losing 20kg and taking a boat ride down the Chicago river. A few stand out as sore points on which I have made zero progress whatsoever on – visiting the children I sponsor via WorldVision and reading every book that has been awarded the Man Booker prize being prime examples.

Deciding to take action on getting on the Advanced Materials PhD program I have made loads of noise about but done bugger all to progress. Fired off a couple of emails to profs at one of the Universities I’d be looking to study at.

Fingers crossed.

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