Day 5 – Cultivate Your Gratitude

Day 5 of the Better Man in 30 days challenge – Cultivate Your Gratitude

Quite a few things to be thankful for, in no particular order:

  1. Friends who consistently come through. Needing to make a significant wire transfer earlier this week, a quick call to a couple of old chums resulted in a speedy resolution. Top lads C and O.
  2. Family  – warts and all. And mine, myself included, do have warts!
  3. J whose patience with my stuttering, complicated self is a refreshing breath of air;
  4. Work – and the opportunities it has presented over the last ten years and counting. A certain stint somewhere in my past still keeps opening doors. Grateful.
  5. The internet and how easily it provides solutions – stumbled on an excel tutorial on spark-lines which might have saved a side project I am working on. Not one of the things I miss about those heady Eket days it must be said.
  6. (Not so) Little children, particularly F, my friend O’s precocious daughter. Hanging with her gives me hope for the future. I am not too damaged to make a half decent dad.
  7. Success in one more exam, no lengthy post nominals to append to my name unfortunately but small steps in the right direction I think.
  8. Health – no new major scares (as far as I know).
  9. Great work conversations – currently talking an old work friend through a weighty decision. That she and I are still in contact nearly five years after we last worked together is so much more reassuring given my current work situation.
  10. And Nandos — ’nuff said.

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