The List

As I think about the future Mrs S, the list becomes more and more condensed, shrinking to what I think are the 4+1 non-negotiables. This time I thought I’d give some thought to articulating a little bit more just what each of those non-negotiables translates to in plain English.. So here goes…

  1. A passion for God, children and a balanced Judeo-Christian worldview
    • Christian, serve in church in some capacity whilst not actively looking to go the whole hog of becoming a missionary to Nepal (trust me I’ve met someone who wanted to do just that). 🙂
    • Willing to explore the more liberal expressions of Christian theology (à la Hillsong/ other interdenominational churches rather than a typically Nigerian one).
  2. The same sense of long term direction
    • Has a defined life plan with targets over the next 5+ years that I can contribute to;
    • Considers the UK, US or Canada as home in the near to medium term at least;
    • Wants to have or adopt children (2 max)
  3. Great conversation
    • Someone interested enough in me to want to stay in touch;
    • Is able to converse on a range of issues and topics including football, faith/ worldview etc
  4. An appreciation of the arts
    • Reads and appreciates reading
    • Gets CCM and can relate to quite  few of the usual suspects (Hillsong, Delirious, Switchfoot, Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, Tenth Avenue North 🙂 )
    • Not opposed to catching a play at the opera or a movie from time to time.
  5. A compatible genotype

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