Breakfast (or a crappy ode to coffee)

For the prompt Breakfast at the Magpie Tales

Leger, Fernand breakfast-1921

Breakfast, 1921, Fernand Leger


hold your head-
steady between your hands;
bow your head
as though in supplication-
and let the strong,
sweet scent
slowly wafting up-
hit you.

see your face-
faint silhouette,
three day stubble,
matted hair-
and tired eyes
reflected in the cup
and bow in reverence
to its quickening

wrap your hands
around its base
and feel the warmth.
drink deep, swirl it’s dregs
in your mouth’s
and let the waves
of unfettered joy
course through your veins

give in –
and kneel
in full surrender
to the joy
of your dark,
black cup.