Far far landing…

For the prompts Far far landing on We Write Poems and Mag 130 on the Magpie tales




the distance claimed you –
seven rivers, seven valleys
and seven mountains too.

fuzzy memories,shadows
wrapped around browned skin –
like a caul – hide you;
till like a distant
shimmering mirage
you fade into the space
where sky meets earth
and where like a pilgrim
I have been drawn
by the call of the muezzin.

the old women
by the river tell tales-
of muttered blessings
of redemption, and of rebirths
where like butterflies
shedding their cocoons
we may arise in peace
on that far flung,
far far landing.

6 thoughts on “Far far landing…

  1. …and when I can catch even one of those lovely stories by the old ladies or gents anywhere, my ears and mind are open! This was lovely! Also, your blog header photo is perfect, what a nice summer time scene!


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