The Friday Read: Mixed Matches

A few days late but an interesting read nonetheless. Denise Morris explores inter-racial dating and marriage from a biblical worldview over at Parts One, Two and Three explore her experiences in growing up as a child from a mixed marriage, the pseudo-biblical objections people may have and offers a useful summation:

Will choosing to date someone outside of your race make your life more difficult? Hopefully not, but it could. If it does, remember that the father of lies still has a grip on humanity. He will until the day Christ returns to put him in his place. Are the potential difficulties of an interracial relationship worth it? Of course they are if it’s the person God has prepared for you. Most importantly, all of us are precious in his sight — red, yellow, black and white — and every shade in between.

Even though in many ways my various reservations are being pared down to the bare essentials, I still suspect that going inter racial is (yet) a bridge too far – the rationale being the significant cultural differences (which are not insurmountable) and the perception that they are often marriages of convenience rather than for love. It’s only 2012 though, 2015 might see me singing from a different song sheet..

The line about red, yellow, black and white reminded me of a song [YouTube] from children’s church back in the day.

3 thoughts on “The Friday Read: Mixed Matches

  1. The arguments to keep 'races' apart is ridiculous because, theres no where to draw the line. Who is Black, Who is White? Still I don't know why I get a bit annoyed, when I see two people of different 'races' together.

    The story reminds me of my friends friend who married a southern belle. They met in their youth group too. Now, they are in a messy divorce, fired on by the girls family who are apparently racist while being Christian. The latest story was that they called police for the guy, claiming he tried to beat the girl when he went to drop their kids at her place.

    I asked my friend why they got married. He says his friend told him, the signs were there but they thought love would conquer all. Sad.

    For some reason, everyone (95%) that knows me is expecting me to marry a 'White' man. Personally, the closer I get to 'white' folk, I don't see it happening however it is not a closed case and I'm sympathetic to your rationale.

    It is a very tough place to be in, especially being 'black' but I know Gods love is more powerful than hate that we are brought up with in this world.


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