The Friday Read: Self and The City

From Project Syndicate:

Urbanization is blamed for a wide variety of modern social ills, ranging from crime and incivility to alienation and anomie. But, by infusing us with their unique spirit and identity, our cities may, in fact, help to empower humanity to face the most difficult challenges of the twenty-first century.

What ‘unique spirit and identity’ might Lagos infuse us with?

8 thoughts on “The Friday Read: Self and The City

  1. 'Unique spirit and identity' doesn't go with Lagos…yet! Lol. More like "Multiple spirits and multiple identities.' First off, the island is so different from the mainland…*scratches head* Wait. The one thing that brings unity in Lagos is the "hustle."


    1. lol.. maybe the 'hustle' (the entrepreneurial spirit?) is the ethos of Lagos…

      Oh and the one about 'many spirits' just reminded me of the bloke at the Gadarenes who on meeting Jesus said he was 'legion'.. 😦


      1. This brings to mind the documentary, This is Lagos.
        The city a mixture of many things, good and evil, foreign and domestic. The infusion and diffusion of so many flavours of life can a leave any but the stout hearted confused.
        It's uniqueness is in its diversity. And oh yes like Jaycee rightly said, 'the hustle'


  2. The "hustle" is so broad that I guess the next challenge would be to define it….that should be rather thought provoking


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