A Question of Happiness

Between bites of peri-peri chicken and sips of Coke Zero, my friend Des asked me if I was happy. She – amongst all my long term friends – complains the least about my propensity to wall them off from the reality that is in my head, but from time to time she insists we meet to ‘catch up’. These meetings haven’t happened a lot recently – thanks to her juggling a return to full time employment with an energetic three year old, and travelling. Skipping merrily through town,Β  as she is wont to these days, she asked if I was up for a bite and a drink, which I accepted. We ordered the usual – a platter to share, bottomless drinks and sides of rice and settled in to talk about the minutiae of life, and all the quotidian pleasures we have enjoyed in the year so far. Then – out of the blue – she asked if I was happy. I suspect I managed to side track her question by rolling out my usual spiel about life being what it was – normal and mundane without anything out of the ordinary.

Mulling over that conversation again, I realised that on this one occasion, I had probably been as truthful as I possibly could. Most of the time life has either dealt me hands that have made me deliriously happy, or left me bogged down in the deep, dark depths of despair.

For the first time in a long time, though I know I am not deliriously happy there is a measure of contentment at how much progress has been made. Given the way the year’s panned out, I reckon that is enough to be thankful for…

9 thoughts on “A Question of Happiness

  1. u have captured the exact place i am right now in my life. i call it contentment… πŸ™‚
    besides i have always thought happiness is a journey, not a destination


  2. Contentment is often the best type of happiness, I liken it to beer on tap. It comes from a continuous source. However delirious happiness is like beer in a bottle. Once you have finished the bottle, sadness creeps in. The key is to find the source or bar where the brand of contentment you seek is and drink to your hearts content.


  3. Nando's *siiiiiiigh*, how i miss it so… btw, i really want you to introduce you to jika. and yes on deciding to be content. i can see it creeping into your writing.


    1. πŸ™‚ I really am coming into a good place as the year wraps up.. Who would have thunk it..

      Nandos – my one guilty pleasure – peri peri chicken and all… Sigh. Doesn't help that I work right next to one..


  4. Hi, first time here and i love your style, for some reason this post made me think you are female! Will definitely be dropping by more often. I think happiness is a state of mind. Bises


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