Unfinished business

In a few days time, I shall pack my bags and head across the Atlantic one more time. The driver is some unfinished business from 2009. There was the small matter of a conundrum  which developed in April of 2009. The ladies in question were F and my ‘nearly girls’ TheB and S.

Over the course of that year F and I would finally put ourselves out of the misery of our forced dalliance, for good. ‘S would turn to me as a husband finder, and TheB and I would drift apart for no real reason.

I took her vanishing pretty badly, as she was one of the few women – alongside MG and EJ who totally got me. It was a full year before I could bring myself to give her a call. And when I did, it all came back, hurts and all. All we had was an uneasy truce – the odd phone call here and there, and the walls we had built up. In between, there was EJ, and the breakup, and life coming back full circle. There’s unfinished business there, this bloke needs to understand where we derailed in 2009. Hopefully, as a minimum there will be lessons to be learned…and a Third Day concert to attend.

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