The weekly wrap Oct 28, 2011

  1. Nigeria building a 3km stretch of road for nearly 8billion naira.
  2. Apparently a bloke’s shoes are all there is to knowing about him.
  3. King of the dross – gas pumps top the list of filthy things.
  4. Don’t waste your crisis, apparently.
  5. Three years behind schedule, the Dreamliner finally takes to the skies commercially.
  6. Mark Driscoll weighs in on the Dating game.
  7. Shane Clairbourne weighs in on the #Occupy movement
  8. Flying humvees? DAPRA is willing to bet a shed load of dollars on a functional prototype
  9. Occupy LSE claims a religious leader.
  10. William Zinsser on the lost art of males wearing hats
  11. Going bust – The Crystal Cathedral gets sold.

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