The illusion of ‘new’

In theory, fresh starts are great: you get a clean slate, a new life, the chance to reinvent yourself and lay the past to rest.

In reality, the break is never clean – past actions have consequences, past events leave signatures that are etched like indelible tattoos on the mind,  and on memory,  and there will always be connections to people we can’t escape.

6 thoughts on “The illusion of ‘new’

  1. "…past events leave signatures that are etched…on the mind,…" true.

    Let the past events (difficult as they may) serve as theinvincible guide to the new life.


  2. true bro, the past continues to hunt the present and influences the future. I think trying to forget the past makes it even more influential. In theory embracing the past and enjoying the present will get you a better future.


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