Intermission: What a Bloke Wants

What a bloke wants:

    • Great conversation
    • An appreciation of the arts
    • A balanced Judeo-Christian worldview…
    • The same sense of long term direction..

And not having to travel half way around the world to get them….

Surely, not too much to ask for? Or is it?


9 thoughts on “Intermission: What a Bloke Wants

  1. Look who blooooooggggggeeedddd!!!
    It appears we DO have to go to the ends of the earth and come back.
    Because..however else will you know you have really looked?

    Ok i just said nonsense but heeeeeey!!
    Im happy to see you in these parts!
    Please dont disappear for too long 😦


  2. It's not too much to ask but you may not actually need all four items to have a fantastic relationship (you know how sometimes what we think we need isn't the same as what we need to have a great relationship). Also, you may have other items on the list that you haven't mentioned because they are "givens" to you, things like a specific body type, nationality, personal sense of style, educational background…

    Keep an open mind…try dating someone who has two or three of those things you want and maybe you'll find out that you don't need all four (to me that's not settling, it's trading one thing for another). Despite what I've said I don't think those four things are too much, I just think you might be seeking more than the four items listed (which isn't a bad thing, but it might make the search harder).

    Sorry to be so long winded!


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