Al Mohler on Vocation

A few weeks ago, ‘Jane Doe’ prompted some deep thinking by Single Nigerian, leading him to ponder if trying now and then was enough when others had sacrificed things (even their lives) to ‘get the word to the common man.’

I was listening to an old message by Al Mohler  – Being Men and Raising Men [mp3]  – whilst walking to work today,  and a section [begins at 51;11] struck me as being a very apt answer to that question.

Money Quote:

The disconnect between labour and reward is one of the most unbiblical manifestations of the confusion of this culture. We must teach our sons that they are expected to work, and that labour is by God’s design followed by reward. And the reward is more than money and more than material;  it is the satisfaction in a man’s heart of knowing he has done something to the glory of God.

There is the temptation for some men to say, “You know, I can see what he does.  He gets to do great things  for the glory of God, the world gets to observe him and see him in what he does, the church gets to celebrate that, but all I do is this! ”

Whatever you do, do to the glory of God……. There are no little people, there are no little places, there are no little jobs in the kingdom of God. You will never know what life you were touching by your honesty as an accountant, by your steadfastness as a police officer, by your integrity as a teacher. You will never know how the glory of God is shown until in eternity you are given a glimpse of how God worked through you.

2 thoughts on “Al Mohler on Vocation

  1. Deeply true…
    Whatever you do, do as to God. Simple quote but so true..
    True reward, comes not from money,fame or glory but with the knowledge that you have made a difference.


  2. more men need to listen to this. There's this desire to be in the limelight and to shine, but people forget  that you can't give what you don't have.
    Being a leader is incredibly difficult and most good leaders have been leading in the dark where no one gets to see them being diligent and responsible.
    For those looking to rise to the top only to be celebrated – one can only just sit back and watch them come crashing down to earth.
    Some people need to remember, "don't pick it up – don't let it down" Maya Angelou. If you revel in the world's praise you have to suffer their rejection.


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