Crunch Time

Big, potentially career defining, decisions to make..

  • The safer option – stick with my current job for the next three years and decide what the next steps after that will be:  The pros – stay in a truly professional work place where my skills are appreciated, working for a boss whose ar*se I don’t  have to kiss, remain in an environment that allows me complete my progression to Chartered Engineer status. The cons – sky high taxes, an increasingly hostile host population, remaining in a section of my field I’ve spent the last six years –  and some –  working in and a government that seems intent on playing to the gallery on the immigration debate.
  • The other option – damn the consequences and return to the job I left in Nigeria: The pros – a company with a world class reputation, a niche of my field I’m actually keener to go into, lower taxes, the organised bedlam that is Lagos and loads of gorgeous Nigerian women around. The cons – going into work everyday on the other side of the fence from people I once worked with (and the attendant putdowns I am bound to get), the Nigerian factor (kissing bosses asses, and all), potentially one year’s assured work and then a decision to make, proximity to the Mum and her ‘harassment’,

Between the devil and the blue sea.. or….. Sigh.

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