Taking charge

My sister, the doctor, says I am morbidly obese. That is as brutal as they come. When I have looked at myself in the mirror, I have rationalised my size by looking at other people, or by blaming the mirror for being too convex. The harsh cold truth though is that I am at my heaviest ever. Whilst I can count to a plethora of reasons why, the fact remains that my current weight is a health risk.

This little tiff with my sister  – coupled with the seeming rise in age related illness around me –  has rubbed me the wrong way; and I do need, if only to prove a point to her, to loose a lot of the flab. The strategy is time worn of course – eat less and exercise more. So my personal plan is this:

  • Control potion sizes – eat half of what I would normally eat
  • Walk a lot – My new house is ideally situated, in walking distance from a lot of the places I go to daily. I intend to walk everywhere, and only use the bus if required
  • Cut out the fizzy drinks – cokes, colas etc should be eliminated form the diet all together – diet or not
  • Have a morning run. I intend to do a morning run each day, going from my house down Seaforth road, around the stadium and then back home.
  • Have a weekly weigh in.
  • Attempt to track total number of miles I walk/ run each week and plot this against final weight each week

Hopefully, with this regime, I can start showing some weight loss… Sigh.

For the record, my current weight is 118kg on a 5′-10″ frame.

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