Of Nigerian Wives

Based on data extracted from this Nairaland thread.

I was bored at work so I took the liberty of trying to create an infographic from the pros and cons (for women) on the list. I shrunk the pros and cons into twenty one categories and gave each ethnicity a ‘+1’ where it was a pro, a ‘0’ where they were not assessed and a ‘-1’ where that category was marked as a con. The ‘pros’ have been condensed into a fraction measuring the potential returns on investing in a Nigerian woman, whilst the ‘cons’ have similarly been aggregated to give a measure of how ‘high maintenance’ a Nigerian woman can be. The size of the bubble is a measure of the chikability (how likely it is that a bloke’s toastings will gell).

A few things stood out:

  • Ibo women represent a particularly poor choice of mate (high maintenance, low potential return, low probability of success when ‘chiked’)
  • The Efik woman’s extremely low maintenance requirements make her an outstanding choice, if you are willing to share a shaving stick;
  • Edo women offer the best potential return, if you can live with a 98.75% chance of dying before her;
  • The term ‘data’ is used very loosely here;
  • Nothing on here is meant to be taken seriously.


9 thoughts on “Of Nigerian Wives

  1. No offence intended ma'am… We were merely playing around with the original list, trying to create an infographic from it. As we mention in the 'things to note', it is not to be taken seriously.


  2. Interesting stuff..
    Based on the nairaland data, none of them look exciting at all… πŸ˜›
    It will even be more interesting to find out stuff about other Nigerian Wives


  3. Rustgeek, why are you de-marketing Ibo girls na?? So this urban legend about South-Southern women is still on? *smh* anyway a trial will UN-convince you all.

    Thanks for visiting…..


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