Web Reads.. 1April2011

Quick reads….

  1. On-the-job relationships come back into the limelight – one Police Unit seems to have fallen apart over the Team Leader’s dalliance with a female team member.
  2. On paywalls, one of the more rational arguments I’ve read. (HT – The Daily Dish)
  3. Artificial leaves currently in development may one day power an entire house by electrolysing water and providing hydrogen for fuel cells.
  4. Robotic bird flying becomes a wee bit more realistic.
  5. The genetic basis for loving working out.
  6. Sounding a note of caution for using GPS-aware apps indiscriminately. Color gets another (light) bashing.
  7. Slick sleaze, or ill advised expenditure? A short history of the bomb-zapper that never was.
  8. Google aims to turn phones into credit cards.
  9. App of the Week? Social Media meets  shopping for dresses – an app for your friends to help you select a dress.
  10. The boobs have it. Apparently, there is a connection between length of time spent breast feeding and brain size. However there is no guarantee that breast milk is all that, especially when the mother isn’t eating well herself after all.

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