Web Reads.. 18Feb2011

  1. ‘Spiritual’ love goes social… The story of Vicars connected by a witty comment on Facebook
  2. A soup ladle turns out to be a life saver in more ways than one.. Meet the bloke saved from a tiger by his wife’s soup ladle
  3. ‘Life is short, have an affair?’… Al Mohler muses on the Ashley  Madison business model..
  4. GABA receptors may be the reason for anxiety around that ‘time of the month’ for the lasses..
  5. The ‘thief’ who sued the bloke he tried to steal from – and got 13k pounds..
  6. A not so short history of Aji-no-moto.. And the scare scaremongering around MSG.
  7. Man vs Machine.. 1-0 to the machines on Jeopardy..

8 thoughts on “Web Reads.. 18Feb2011

    1. LOL, I saw all three episodes too and it was intriguing to watch. Watson was not perfect, but I agree he had the advantage. I wish they'd made a computer that had to listen, hear and comprehend.


  1. Thats how people get killed, stealing from me and then having the guts to sue me. Somebody is trying to get cut. mschewww, crazy judicial system.

    And the guy who is happily married with kids, talking about its ok to have an affair, i can't with how demented the world is nowadays.


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