In praise of 3.00pm….

If clocking in at 9am is the final act that seals my very own Faustian exchange, 3.00pm heralds the first faint sniffs of a coming salvation.

Each day, a Bloke must lay the gifts of his time and skill on the altar of Mammon slaving away to earn his sustenance. Cups of coffee, endless trips to the loo, inane spreadsheets, chats with the intern and the occasional hard shift are all tools in the Bloke’s arsenal as he strives to make time pass quickly to justify the day’s pay. If the Bloke is lucky, make that uncommonly lucky, he finds his daily grind slightly more than remotely interesting. If he is like the rest of us, sometimes work is a long drawn out struggle with boredom.

After a break for coffees at 10.00am and lunch at 12.00 noon, I find that 2.00pm can often seem like the low point of the day. The conjoint action of a rush of blood to the stomach – especially if a heavy lunch was involved –  and the usually mind numbing meetings with clients typically leave me struggling to stay attentive.  Enter 3.00pm, an unlikely hero to the rescue. Maybe it is the fact that just after 3.00pm freedom from the drudgery of work suddenly seems a less elusive proposition,  or that other blokes are more likely to stand around and chat, or that we as a collective subconsciously switch into coasting down mode.  Day after day I have sensed a lift in my spirits and attention levels as the clock has chimed 3.00pm. Bar 5.00pm then, 3.00pm is my favourite time of the working day…

I wonder if the 3.00pm thing is a me-only thing?

16 thoughts on “In praise of 3.00pm….

  1. 3:30pm is my own favorite time, because that's when I get to go home. Many times, I get extremely lucky that I more than "remotely" enjoy one of my numerous lab experiments. But no matter how lucky, 3;30pm is still the best time of the day. Striving for Mammon is an unavoidable chore, that's why I imagine there are bigger things to strive for in this life…like for God.

    #Funny Post.


  2. LoL! i looooove the way u write–geez u r really good. Well for me i dont have a favorite time of the day yet, i guess i'd have one when I start working. LoL


  3. In a few word, very expressive. I guess by 3pm, there's no turning back, it's down-tools to follow, makes sense. But for me, I like when it's all over, when I'm no longer encumbered by chores, when I can relax and not worry about the ticking of the clock, when the sun ebbs.

    Nice informative blog.


  4. Hmmm na wa o…that makes me normal…I usually feel this way @ work and there I was thinking I was weirded up!
    But seriously though, why do we put ourselves through this torture day in day out????


    1. Yes it worked o… Haha, I used to do the snooze for an hour back in the say… Sadly it's all open plan now.. So that's not an option an option at te moment…:(


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