Web Reads… 11Feb11

  1. Personality tests go a notch up – this site offers personality tests based on your blog.
  2. Automating war? Danger room reports that one in fifty ‘combatants’ in Afghanistan is a robot.
  3. The key to snagging the dream girl appears to be acting uninterested. @JangleLegJones thinks differently, sadly I couldn’t convince her to write a 4000 word essay deconstructing the research.
  4. Tim Challies offers the chance to pre-order his new book, and get a signed copy.
  5. Apparently, even sex is a matter for IQ these days.. Sigh..
  6. There’s an app for that. Confessionals go electronic.
  7. Sleepwalking may be in the DNA after all.
  8. A kiss too far?
  9. Much ado about farting
  10. Potentially crappy valentine weekend coming up? Try these books to get you laid..

9 thoughts on “Web Reads… 11Feb11

  1. Can i just say one more time how much i love that you do this? Ok moving on.

    The site wasn't extremely accurate for me, but it got the main idea, its pretty nifty.

    That is a very stupid theory that women want the man who acts uninterested. I can't believe a Harvard doctor put his name on that. Furthermore the sample size @ 47 is so small, there is no way that

    I do believe sex requires IQ, and his was too low, to make any decisions. E.g. use a condom. Not a fan of the confessional app.

    Thats sad about the girl who died after her first kiss, such a shame. I'm guessing Malawi has no issues hence focusing on trivial issues. Mschewwww


  2. Wow! That site is pretty cool…have done the meyers-briggs tests often but the analysis that was closest to my personality was using the blog "Heart Of A Loving Father". However, analysis of 3 different blogs of mine showed I am an introvert which is consistent with the results of the meyers-briggs test.

    Most of these your webreads are hilarious…but i like the way you present them…


    1. The consensus seems to be that the site does a pretty good job of analysing the blog and the author personality – bar a few glitches here and there.. Thanks for stopping by..


  3. Really a ban on farting in Malawi, where have i been? I have heard about the situation of farting etiquette in the presence of a royal person.
    I think my mum mentioned once about being in the presence of an Oba and he farted and everyone had to go kabiyesi (sp)…lol she was amused.

    Interesting article on the the man with the low IQ


  4. As for the 'Death-kiss', I don't know what to say
    I did the test based on my blog….very interesting results.
    I agree with Neefemi, these web pages you put together is 'too much'


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