WebReads.. 04Feb2011

  1. Steve shares his learnings so far – 30 days after quitting Facebook
  2. The Christian Illuminati? Or Just a well connected crew? More questions than answers in this teaser...
  3. Large-proofing emergency services – counting the costs.
  4. The Jerusalem UFO, or a drone?
  5. Becoming invisible?
  6. Wack or what? The bloke who added his wife to a terrorist watch list to prevent her flying back home.
  7. ‘Spray-on skin’ for burn victims.
  8. This brings a whole new meaning to the storm in a tea-cup idiom. Storm in a bed sheet?
  9. Mubarak’s cronies launch a cyber counter-insurgency
  10. Mosquitoes evolved?

5 thoughts on “WebReads.. 04Feb2011

  1. lol @ the guy who added his wife to a terrorist watch list to prevent her from flying back home…how bad/horrible could she have been? 3 years away from her own home? my! that's wickedness in high places.


  2. Its sad that its true that ambulances have to gear up for larger patients tho. And about the Family, hmmmmm so who exactly are they praying to is the question? The scientists of the world are getting crazier by the minute, waste of money but then go and do things like the spray on skin and you are like God is good for giving them such brains. Most bugs are getting anti bacteria resistant, lot of emerging health issues will stem from that.


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