2008…. Again..

I suspect that the truest measure of how sensibly one has aged is how well one is able to take a long hard look at choices –  and their potential long term effects  – before acting. Time, that most elusive of customers, respects no one. From the day that we are born, our share – ladled without so much as an explanation lobbed in our direction – ineluctably runs out like sand in an hour glass. Each passing second once spent is lost, left to float in the seething morass that is  the conflation of opportunities missed, acts of omission and of omission and perhaps on the odd occasion windows of opportunity fully utilised.

It feels like 2008 again in my head… There is that feeling of restiveness – the source of which I cannot lay my finger on. A niggling feeling seemingly urging the need to ring the massive changes. The last time I felt this way, I quit my job and went back to full time studies… This time there is nothing that radical to do.. That is a wee bit worrying..