Books: The Finkler Question

I finally finished Howard Jacobsen’s 2010 Man Booker Prize winning offering “The Finkler question” – if plodding through the equivalent of 320 pages on a mobile device can count as reading. The ubiquity of kindle apps for almost every connected device under the sun – and Amazon’s penchant for adding tons of cardboard to shipped books  – made me try the iPad + Kindle app combo for reading books this year.

In the main, reviews of the book were great  – The Guardian , The Independent and  The Telegraph all had high praise for the book. Although there were quite a few note worthy constructs sequestered within the text, I did however find reading it a wee bit tiring. What the book did well though, was to endlessly waffle on about the subject of being…

My take? As an inquiry into the subject of being, it was excellent. As fiction, it was mind numbingly boring.. Nonetheless, it is one of those I intend to read again….

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