WebReads… 28Jan

    1. Genetically engineering plants to spot bombs may be the future of counter terrorism..
    2. LED teeth may be the new cool.. If only in Japan..
    3. Want to make the transition from talk to bed? Social media might be it after all. So much for Gladwell’s ‘diss’ of social media.
    4. Apparently brain scans can identify a predisposition to transexuality..
    5. His Grace – Archbishop Crammer – weighs in on the lack of political voices speaking up on the abortion debate.
    6. Tyler Blanski encourages us to re-think sex
    7. One bloke got busted for importing cockroaches… HT @relevantmag

      4 thoughts on “WebReads… 28Jan

        1. LOL.. His article was a bit short too.. Almost a plug for his book – but I think his argument was that Christians typically make the 'sex and sexuality' debate about rules – what not to do, how far to go and all that. His point seems to be that rather than paint it as bad and something to be avoided, we should actually focus on the fact that its good and great – at the right time and in the right context…. At least that was how I read his angle.. 🙂


      1. I should get myself a set of LED teeth, fluorescent blue or gold maybe'! LOL @ Technology like the Yorubas say only those who have eaten and are full think of ssuch schemes!


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