Tagged: The stylish and Versatile Meme…

It has been aeons since I was tagged.  Apparently Esco thinks we are stylish and versatile as does Jaycee… Versatile? Maybe.. Stylish? Definitely not.. Just ask the girlfriend… So here goes…

  1. My wardrobe is composed entirely of blacks, greys and whites – except for two shirts that were imposed on me in January by you know who…
  2. I am an Adult Child of Practising Preachers  – I’m not quite the quintessential preacher’s kid although even I would admit I have my moments..
  3. My mother’s first degree was in English – and she still corrects my text messages till date (which is why I do not send her a lot of them).
  4. The first non-explicitly Christian song I ever sang was A Whole New World from the Aladdin soundtrack. Blame it on a TV-starved, ultra conservative childhood.
  5. I love chilling to music… I once had Brooke Fraser’s Shadow Feet on repeat for close on three straight days… I’ve had Steve Fee’s When Everything Falls Apart on repeat today..
  6. I’m a Football Manager addict player. Interestingly, I have a new pal at work who I connected with over Football Manager. These days we swap in-game stories over lunch..
  7. My one moment of fame was being handed the role of the Magi bearing Myrrh in our Children’s church theatrical adaptation of ‘We Three Kings’ for Christmas back in the day. That has not prevented me from fantasizing about playing lead guitar at a live gig before 2020.. Fat chance I guess, but hey I can dream…

Tagging? I’m not sure who has done this and who has not.. So.. feel free.. Run with it.. Its therapeutic..:)

14 thoughts on “Tagged: The stylish and Versatile Meme…

  1. Lol — #7…
    Well, talk about a defining moment.. 🙂

    Lol @ Not being stylish.. One may not be stylish per se, but there's always that individual dress sense, which also has to count for a kind of style..


  2. What made me laugh is that your only two 'colorful' shirts were imposed upon you by you know who…

    PS: I've been accused of doing the same by the boo. I've also been warned not to dream of adding "pink" to the closet. LOL.

    PSS: Your love for good music is refreshing 🙂


    1. haha.. had no choice o… Pink.. ewwwwww… My sentiments exactly… Good music is awesome…. Words + Instruments + Tune all conspiring to deliver an uplift to the spirits….


  3. lol, yes you can dream and we share something in common…3's 1 and 5. I wear only black and I'm trying to buy some grey things, lol the only blue shirt I have was given to me by my older sister


  4. Although you mentioned that you are the child of Pastors, that will not give you Salvation and eternal life. You must repent and be born again to be saved. Jesus Christ loves you despite your disobedience and is willing to forgive and give you everlasting life. What does it profit a person to gain the world, but to lose their soul?


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