The Year in… Infographics..

A few of the info-graphics that captured my eye this year..

  1. Football Chalkboards: For us the discerning football enthusiasts, chalkboards were the revelations of 2010. Granted the Guardian debuted with them in early 2009, but the Roy vs Rafa debate for us Liverpool fans ensured chalkboards became the ultimate resource for assessing how high up the pitch the lads press, passes completed, oh and the aptly named heatmaps.
  2. Jermain Defoe's movement for Tottenham's first two goals against Manchester United was excellent
  3. Twitter is not a conversation: Us Twitter apologists usually claim Twitter as a conversation for being one of the reasons we stay on Twitter. Sadly, the data does not support that claim, as this info-graphic from 2010 showed.  retweets-replies-v2
  4. The world according to Facebook: In December, Paul Butler at Facebook came up with an interesting info-graphic; a world map based on Facebook connections. world_FaceBook
  5. Marriage In America: TIME asked if marriage in America was still required. Al Mohler argued that we all do, and this PewSocial info-graphic captured the data. marriage-50-states
  6. Infostate of Africa: Fascinating… via AppAfrica Flickr account… Infostate of Africa 2009

4 thoughts on “The Year in… Infographics..

  1. I almost got my 'head scattered' trying to figure out the football chalkboard.
    LOL@ the facebbok connection map.
    Wishing 2011 woudl bring to you all the beautiful things of life you desire.


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