Nigeria: What We searched for..

Google’s 2010 Zeitgeist makes for interesting read.. The summary from Google:

In the year of Nigeria’s 50th independence celebration, it was unsurprising that terms like “Nigeria” and “Goodluck Jonathan” ranked highly in the search trends. But the nation’s imagination was certainly captured by social networking, with “2go” topping the fastest rising list, and “Facebook” being the second most popular search by volume. Nigerian musicians “Terry G” and “Dagrin” also attracted significant online interest.

Great to see Football Manager 2010 top the fastest rising games category and bella naija make an entry in the fastest rising people category. Sadly there’s no Liverpool in the sports section (goes to show the absence of true football connoisseurs IMO). Interestingly  ‘Love’ and MTN make the top ten popular searches…  Wonder how many of those ‘love’ searches were related to eHarmony though.. 🙂

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