Links: 3 Dec 2010

  1. Feeding the poor with iPads: How FareShare is blending technology and social responsibility..
  2. The game that ‘makes’ you a genetic scientist…
  3. The radiation debate flares up again – are radio waves frying our brains?
  4. Facebook breakups are the real deal..
  5. The right twitter handle can make you famous.. The girl who suddenly became famous thanks to the ashes down under..
  6. Skye Jethani’s 30 day Twitter experiment…

5 thoughts on “Links: 3 Dec 2010

  1. I want that game o, i hated genetics JEEZ…o pls keep us informed on the twitter experiment….Fairshare sounds like an awesome project, would have so volunteered if it was here….

    Thanks for sharing as usual


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