12 thoughts on “Why there’s only a 5% chance I’ll make it to church today..

  1. oh waoh! I thought you were in London…didn't realise you guys had this much snow already…I hear it was very heavy up North…we've had light showers of snow here in the south west…

    anyway, whenever you can't make it to Church physically, you can always worship online…there's KICC, DayStar, RCCG…and a host of others to chose from…

    Have a lovely week sir!


  2. @Anoda Phase — Of course.. Only that my internet is still comatose after a house move.. mid winter!
    @Olufunke — Yes o.. Nothing to envy jo.. How you dey o?
    @Kiz — LOL.. You wish? Watching online counts IMO…


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