A Modicum of Regret..

One of my essential life principles is never allowing myself to exercise regret. Time and time again, when decisions appear in hindsight to have been poorly thought out, I try to prevent myself from slipping into regret mode.. I am of the opinion that time spent in regret analysing the what-might-have-beens would be better served breaking the problem into smaller bits and devising a means of resolving its constituents.  Recently though, I have allowed  that tightly held principle to slip from my grasp.

A couple of years ago, I took the decision to quit my high paying job at a fortune 500 company and head back to full time studies. At the time, I was up to my ears with the drudgery of doing the same thing for five straight years and I wanted a break. After researching the course options, I settled on an MSc in the UK. Fast forward a few months – with the program nearing its end – I was informed by the folks at HR at my old role would not be made available to me, essentially firing me.

From where I am today, its not looking like the best move – true I have the MSc in hand but in just over a year’s time my current work permit expires – there is no prospect of getting it extended as the sweeping changes made by the Lib-Con coalition mean that my current route will be abolished.. So when I can afford it, I allow myself a modicum of regret… It could have been a whole lot better….