Links: 26 Nov 2010

  1. More on cheating in Universities… A statistical approach at the University of Central Florida
  2. The many uses of Facebook – Oo..
  3. Another reason to dissolve a marriage? Religious differences.. Sigh…
  4. Wanna ‘live’ forever? Enter the bluetooth enabled e-tomb.
  5. Indonesia’s the world’s biggest Twitter users?
  6. Getting the girl is all in the angle of the tilt..
  7. Football by biting... Wonder what the bloke was thinking though..

4 thoughts on “Links: 26 Nov 2010

  1. Who comes up with these things re:Enter the bluetooth enabled e-tomb….don't you think you have to be inherently crazy to think of it and then have some kind of power if u can get others to agree with such a crazy idea. LOL. the world is coming to an end i tell you


  2. @Neefemi — LOL.. Guess that's one explanation…
    @Rayo — Ah.. really? You could sue these chaps though? Big bucks might just be beckoning…
    @Anoda Phase.. I didn't know whether to applaud or shudder at the thought..


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