Links: 19 Nov 2010

  1. 6 years on – the 66 year old woman who gave birth to a kid.. Selfish? Playing God or a real chance for re-inventing life? ..
  2. Celebonomics.. Why you’re not famous..
  3. Con artist.. Not Nigerian.. Gasp!
  4. Another take on the homoepathy debate.. Apparently the talk not the tincture is what works.
  5. The danger of desensitization – The daily telegraph’s Geoffrey Leon compares BP’s Gulf disaster to Chernobyl.
  6. Ghost writers.. A shadow scholar ‘bares’ all..
  7. Ultimate gadget? Or quirky? The remote control +  pillow combo…
  8. Google street view – weight loss tip..
  9. Apparently its not only Nigerian cops who are camera shy..
  10. The demise of marriage? Or just a blip.. Time ponders the relevance of marriage