Links: 12 Nov 2011

  1. More reason to be careful about your twitter activity – The twitter ‘joke’ that’s been blown out of proportion..
  2. iPhone apps that could save your marriage?
  3. The mean gene.: apparently one in four people have this gene..
  4. Taking email (and the internet too seriously)
  5. Laptops and male fertility.. Interesting piece over at Wired Science…
  6. Another take on the Yahoo vs Gmail argument…Gmail appears to be inherently ‘safer’.. (HT Trae Days)
  7. Interesting take on the Marine Corps, Appearance and Tradition over at The Art of Manliness..
  8. Ribadu is interviewed on the Economist’s Africa blog.
  9. Amazon briefly lists the inappropriately named ‘The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover’s Code of Conduct’ before bowing to pressure and taking it down..
  10. Skype wedding? The possibilities are endless… (HT The Daily Dish)