Stuff I will not miss about NCT..

  • Broken lifts – gave me free exercise but thirteen flights of steps went a wee bit too far…
  • Empty bottles, spilled liquids and much more in the lifts when they actually worked….
  • Extra rowdy football crowds – if only they actually won something…..
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses proselytizing – oh and they offered to come back…
  • Mr Landlord – who smoked in the house, once decided to remodel the bath on a Monday morning and was generally a pain in the nether regions….
  • Attempted murder just across the road and in broad daylight too…
  • A notorious park within the neighborhood…
  • Hate messages scrawled on freshly painted walls, and scratched on lift doors….
  • Raised eyebrows when I give my post code at the GP…
  • Regular police fliers in the mail requesting information on crimes committed in the neighborhood……

Ten months after making the move up north – and opting to go the cheap route to stay in the vicinity of a council flat – I’m finally moving houses…ย  Its good to be moving on…. If I can only get the heating and the internetย  to work.. ..

13 thoughts on “Stuff I will not miss about NCT..

  1. that 2nd to last point had me in stitches…even though on deeper contemplation it shouldn't be funny…@ least not for you who were on the receiving end of the "raised eyebrow"…

    Congrats on the home move.


    • haha.. yeah.. was quite funny the first time i encountered it.. until one of the nurses actually explained that one of their colleagues had to leave the area because of the yob-ish behaviour…


  2. Thirteen flights of stairs when the lifts didn't work? Kai, not a small something o! Intrigued about that postcode…Thank God you moved, sounds like loads of Yob-ish behaviour around there…congrats on the move! Hope heating gets sorted out fast o…winter is not beans! Abi *cough cough* cuddle buddy dey? ๐Ÿ™‚


    • wo.. first time it happened, I almost passed out… that was when I knew I needed to hit the gym, kia kia
      Erm… cuddle buddy no dey o… but several layers should do till the 'real' winter starts.. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I think council flats are the closest things to the projects around here…. i survived by getting home early, and staying indoors… ๐Ÿ™‚


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