Of unintended consequences…

Sometimes even the best laid plains falter- tripped up by the most mundane of details which to the planner were irrelevant. What then can we do but stoically shrug, and move on to the next one….

When things unplanned lead to desired- yet unintended- consequences we must also hail our good fortune and take the chance proffered with both hands. It was Leonard Ravenhill who said:

‘the opportunity of a lifetime must be harnessed in the lifetime of the opportunity’….

That I must, this I will… 🙂

33 thoughts on “Of unintended consequences…

  1. @Myne – I certainly hope so too.. Haha.. just me murking around with names… More like trying to reinvent as always.. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Scarlet – Yes.. all the way with change… Yeah.. New name, new URL too.. I promise its the last time.. 🙂


  2. Moved again? I said 'Amen' when I read that 'this would be the last time'

    Anyway, nice blog, and oh GOd how am I gonna pronouce dhjax? after 'successfully' learning the Italian way of 'RustGeek'

    I like the Ravenhill quote…got me thinking, I think its true.
    All the best with on your new course of actions, and may the lines fall for you in pleasant places!


  3. "the opportunity of a lifetime must be harnessed in the lifetime of the opportunity"

    I came across this quote for the first time yesterday when someone said it in church and i still marvel at it……i hope this opportunity is perfect for you


  4. Nice quote there….I like it and I wish you all the best with the opportunity….
    All these ya moves man haba! I'll remind you about this being ur last move if you try doing that again o! 😀


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