A Fisherman’s Invocation..

Barabedom Fish Farm


Written in response to the prompt of the week at Writer’s Island….

Gin poured on earth –
Salt water, five lobed kola nuts
With palm wine.
White loincloth over
Bare skin, white cockerel held
Over head spun-
Seven times, Till faint.

Water, waist high
Dirty brown infused with oil –
Coloured sheen.
Orange plumes belch-
ing black smoke;

*Yemanja, the fish have fled;
The mangrove swamps have become
A deathbed. There is no fresh fish –
Pepper soup, no cassava plants
Left unshrivelled; No respite
From the stench of putrefying life.

*Yemanja, you have given –
And with the other hand taken,
May tomorrow be a better day.

*Yemanja is the goddess (derived from Yoruba mythology)  worshiped by the fishermen in Jorge Amado’s Sea of Death

15 thoughts on “A Fisherman’s Invocation..

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  2. Earthy, essential. Loved your choice of words. Also like learning about other cultures… since I get my fish under plastic at the supermarket, far removed from the day to day plight and work of fishermen and women. Thank you, Amy


  3. This is such a deep blog! What can I say, youve hit the nail right on the head! You even added some videos to make it seem so much more real. Youve got a great way of communicating with the reader, a great way of making me feel like what you have to say is just as important to me as it is to you. Keep it up!


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