Questions….. For *Ella


Do misty eyes mean
Pain festering deep
Lean souls starved –
Hope blithely crushed
And purloined?

Do memories mean
Wounds left raw, rubbed sore,
Chafed red – careless promises
Blown away like ripples on a lake
by a belligerent hurricane?

Do clasped hands hide scars
And wry smiles hide gloom

9 thoughts on “Questions….. For *Ella

  1. @Myne — LOL.. Was playing around with the name and forgot to change it back… The poem – I'm trying to explore the possibility that behind the facades we throw up, there usually is deep seated pain and hurt… 😦


  2. @funms — OO.. that can't be good yo! You're good though?
    @Poeticallytinted – Thanks ma'am. God to have you gracing blogsville again!
    @Fabulo-la — Hmm, No? Yes? Guess it depends on the context though..
    @Kay9 – Bruv!!! I've been good, busy but surviving.. Hows you mate?


  3. Good to have you back.
    Though the poem does not sound too good.

    I can relate with this poem this morning, Hope to feel better.

    I actually like the question "if misty eyes mean pain festering deep…."


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