This week I:

  1. Learned that I’m still irritated by text speak and mixed up grammar – when I am not the one dishing them out. Having a supposedly ‘serious’ conversation with someone highlighted this very clearly to me.
  2. Learned that the expression ‘appearances are deceptive’ may sound cliche but it can be really true. I have just had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine which segued into territory I never knew she had loads of experience in.
  3. Finally got to cross out one more book from my reading list. Kite Runner was sad, engaging and provided an insight into the Afghanistan situation – almost Chris Abani-ish. I loved the hint of redemption in the final scenes.
  4. Received a non work related handwritten note for the first time in close to six or seven years, on scented paper no less. The hand writing was horrible, but the gesture was well appreciated by me.
  5. Became an Uncle, then a God father twice – all within three days of each other. My littlest sister, and two very close friends all conspired to deliver babies within three days of each other, and my birthday. None of them shares the day with me though. Talk about bad timing!
  6. Saw new evidence that convinces me I live in my head – which is well insulated from the world. I went another week without getting angry, happy, sad or feeling any other strong emotion. I think I need for someone to get under my skin enough to make me exhibit strong emotions. That would convince me I am still connected to the world and not in my own cocoon.
  7. Got assigned a fancy new title at work – its one of those ones that is as long as your arm, but means absolutely nothing to my pay packet. Tsk! Tsk!
  8. Watched two interesting TED Talks – Dan Cobley on What physics can teach us about marketing and Ethan Zuckerman on Listening to Global voices.
  9. Acted totally out of character and reached out to someone I would never ever have connected with previously – oh and it was truly altruistic.. at least in my head.
  10. Averaged three and a half hours of sleep per night all week – so not good!

Off to the comfort of my duvet now.. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Randoms.

  1. Appearances are VERY deceptive, very.

    Lol, none on your birthday? I suspect that was somehow planned 😀 Oh, congratulations by the way 🙂

    Like, really, what's the point if the checks aren't doubling? Ego booster I suppose? 🙂

    Get more sleep dude, really 🙂


    1. Sigh… Very well planned if you ask me! Ego booster yes, but at the price of 'reverse snobbery'… A few of the guys I used to hang out with all the time now take a different route when I appear..


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