Musings: Male/Female Duets…

They say life is about simple pleasures – everyday things which we are wont to make light of – which taken together serve to generate an ambience of normalcy around us. Each week, I will attempt to identify one simple thing I have grown to delight in… from my  otherwise uninteresting life.

When the subject of music, and my taste with regards to it comes up, I always declare unequivocally that my taste is eccletic. In the past week for instance, I have listened to Eminem, Donnie McClurkin, the Backstreet Boys, Kenny G and today Heather Headley.

I find though, that male/female duets do my head in in ways I do not understood. Perhaps it was stumbling onto Brave New World on Father’s monochrome National television (now of blessed memory) that etched this appreciation of duets onto my heart. I suspect that some of the delight I derive from these songs is also dependent on the lyrics – most of the time they are focused on love, on faith and the other noble emotions we as humans feel – as well as the harmony from the well blended voices.

Over the years, I have grown to enjoy quite a few of them  – In no particular order, these include:

There’s also a squidoo page that lists the best duets of the 20th century